Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Vampire's Assistant

There are 2 shirts!! A red and a black one.

For the black shirt you need to enter the quiz (read below) and for the red shirt you need to enter a scenery competition!!!

It’s US only aswell and the link to the comp is:

Since it’s a scenery that needs to load you’ll probably need a manual USA proxy! Check the comments to see which proxy other readers used!Sorry that you can't see it.If you have a laptop thats not on your lap you can lower your body and you can see the instuctions

Vampire tee

You have to use a USA proxy or proxy server!

With the proxy go to:

The quiz is Vampire-related! If you get another quiz, the proxy is not good.

The shirt you get it black though, not red!

I personally used, but that’s a server with a lot of pop-ups, so not really safe safe :S didn’t work for me and I didn’t find a good manual proxy right away. But if any of you readers find a good manual proxy, please feel free to post it in a comment to help out others! :)

I really want to see it.

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