Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Free Stuff and SPOILERS


WOW. so many spoilers i found recently. check em out.

here is a spoiler for some a new DKNY store???

if anyone has any idea what this is for let us know

yep thats right, Miss Sixty is on sale. i am so excited. YAY


It’s for members from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and Luxemburg! (Since French is spoken in every one of these countries xP)

Use a US or Canadian proxy and go to:

with that proxy or proxy server.

And log in ofcourse xP

and so much more.

Another Stardoll Magazine Comp!

This time you get a free Sobchak (again an old item)!

If you’re not from Russia, you can try to find a Russian manual proxy (safer!) or use a proxy server like:

Then paste the following link in the blank box:

Hit Go!

Log into stardoll.

Now paste the following link in the box at the top of the screen (Next to: “Location via proxy”)

Hit Go again et voila! :)

you remember the green phone!

oh wait never told you . . . here is how to get it!

green phone

Members from the UK automatically get it when they log in but for everyone else……

1. Use a UK proxy (either manual or a site like

2. enter into the URL bar

3. log in & thats it!!

For more info about the phone (Childline) visit:

with the proxy.

well it keeps ringing anybody know how to stop it???????

xoxo Eter!

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