Friday, November 27, 2009


In case you want this ‘Sing It’ invitation, you can log into Stardoll with a US manual proxy or proxy server like!

No explanation needed?

Next to that members from the Stardoll Royalty got a few gifts… I’m not sure if they have to pay for the shoes and dress?

and Stardoll made a few pets non-ss xP I’m not sure since when they’ve become non-ss xP

And a new Miss Stardoll Italia? I hear it’s vaneitalia (thanks to GiOrGiAT.95)

their are a TON of new gifts on stardoll from a free tree to free clothing…

Eid Moubark gifts:

(pict thanks to lilicapink21)

ALSO the new dkny store??????

the pic i showed you is something stardoll is using for the gift o meter you will see it under your chat!click on it and you will see all the gifts you get for buying things in the starplaza!

xoxo Eter

ps lorelays has not came back yet :(

contact me if you want to be a writer!

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