Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here are some more ”hidden” items…. including LE!!!!! but….. before you get too excited you aren’t able to actually buy the clothes but you can play around with them in your dressing room if you want :)

For LE collection 1 & other random things click HERE

For LE collection 2 click HERE

For LE collection 3 click HERE

For LE collection 4 click HERE

And for Antidote click HERE

Remember this is just to get them in your dressing room, you’re not able to buy them!! although if you are using you can!! just edit the link & enter the ‘tom’!


And another hidden item thanks to….. The sephora cleanser!! No-body actually needs this since you can remove your make-up anyway without it, but if you want to get it just for fun click the link below :) Its free so you might as well!


Click HERE to get them in your dressing room!!

hiddenImages and Info thanks to

Update: You can actually get the hair dye and highlights through search, although they don’t appear in the Doree shop!

Update: HERE are some more, from


Click HERE to get the jewellery in your dressing room!! It is all non-SS apart from the black hoops!

The gold earrings and necklace are definitely inspired by Baby Phat!

Hidden(click to enlarge!)



There is also a mens leopard print outfit you can get in your dressing room by clicking HERE

The coat is pretty much exactly the same as one that is on sale in tingeling at the moment (the only difference is that the fur on the one on sale is slightly lighter….. and is 16sd cheaper!!!!). The tingeling one can be found through search

leopardThanks to

There are still 2 Sephora eyeshadows that you can buy!!!!

Click the link below to get them in your dressing room (not for free!), they are SS and cost 2sd each!



Also for old boys clothes & a few old girls accessories click HERE!


There are also Mary-Kate and Ashley posters that you can get by clicking HERE!!


Info all from and thestardollinsiders.wordpress.-com


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